What I Learned From The Museum of Food + Drink

The Museum of Food and Drink located in the heart of Brooklyn has started a series dating back to June 2018 (I believe) highlighting Chinese/Cantonese food and how it has affected American society with Chinese/Hong Kong natives migrating to the United States. As an American born Cantonese, it interested me to learn more about our cultural existence in the States. Also, I thought it’d be an interesting learning experience to learn from another lens of what has been possibly a mainstream conception and viewpoint of how Chinese/Cantonese people invaded American culture/society.

As you walk into the museum, you’re greeted by the front desk to check-in. Once you’re done with that you’ll notice a divider of 7,777 oyster pails that you can walk into to make an Instagrammable moment. Though past the photo-op, you will notice a very small showroom showcasing Cantonese/Chinese road to America and the series of events of hardships, societal struggles, and victories.

Museum of Food + Drink

And if you signed up for the Chow Experience, you’ll get to enjoy three dishes at the end of the exhibit: one from a San Francisco restaurant, Wo-Hop from Chinatown, NYC and a Chinese dessert.


As much as I wasn’t a fan of the food selection for various reasons which I will not get into, I had found the Museum of Food + Drink as a great learning experience in many ways. One of those lessons was learning about the hardships Chinese/Cantonese people had to face to create a better community for future generations. Secondly, how Cantonese food has shaped America and American society. And thirdly, a very important lesson of truly embracing who I am as a person and to know that even as an individual, every move we make can help make and educate the world to becoming a better place.

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