Tasting Room x The Pint Shop

The widely anticipated Tasting Room that was continuously sold out for two months but was not sold out for a few hours on Wednesday which allowed me and my friends to sign up for a slot to take a class at The Pint Shop located on the West Side. The Pint Shop is filled with their signature cherry ice cream, other cool flavors like pinata and churro churro flavors, and Museum of Ice Cream merchandise.

When you arrive at The Pint Shop entrance, you’ll be given an exclusive line to get a quicker access to the store. Once you’re in, you’ll find on your right a few lifesize pints and inside each of those three pints are well-decorated Instagrammable rooms. If you head to your left, there will be tons of cute Museum of Ice Cream merchandise from cooler bags to what looks like Museum of Ice Cream branded lookalike swell bottles.

Once we met our appointment time, we were greeted into the lab where we were given the option of lab coats or aprons to wear to be an ice cream scientist for a class.

Tasting Room x The Pint Shop

From being exposed to the ingredients used to make their ice cream to testing our five senses, strictly our nose with whiff-ing different scents, it was a very cool class to experience with friends while feeling like a legit scientist for the moment in our lab coats. Aside from mixing ingredients and drinking out of test tubes, we were also given the opportunity to try all the ice cream that the pint shop has to offer in their freezers. If you’re an ice cream lover that looks bright colors and instagrammable moments, this place is for you.

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