Trademark Taste + Grind

Before heading over to the Rosé Mansion, my friends and I decided to look for a place to sit down and brunch just in case we end up passing out from rosé. From the constant scrolling through google maps to find the closest restaurant near our mansion destination, I came across Trademark Taste + Grind.

Trademark Taste + Grind is a cute and quaint restaurant located close/near Koreatown tucked inside the heart of Midtown New York.  From their front entrance you can order some coffee for the road but as you walk in, you will be brought into a dim lit dining area with a bar centered in the room with tables surrounding the area. After being seated on high tables, my friends and I couldn’t resist after missing breakfast and ordered right away.



Brown sugar caramel, vanilla sauce, sea salt



Fennel sausage, poached eggs, Cholula hollandaise, duck fat onions

Every dish was photographed above from the french toast to hangover hash to their burrata knots that I photographed but didn’t make the cut on the blog because I was not a fan of the image outcome was quite tasteful. Though despite how tasty each dish was, it just never seemed to fill enough of our stomachs despite ordering the same amount of food that we usually order every brunch. Though despite having felt that our appetizers were still dangling between being not full nor hungry, the service was quite wonderful with smiles amongst everyone around the restaurant.

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