Things to Do in NYC: Rosé Mansion

There are a lot of things you can do in New York City in the summer but despite the endless things one can do in the city, one thing that everyone pretty much does in New York City is drink rosé. So what better way to bring this habit to life by creating a Rosé Mansion in the heart of New York City.

At the Rosé Mansion you are provided two options: join a tour or experience their rosé tour tasting offerings at their bar. But if you’re someone who wants the full experience like I did that includes TONS of Instagrammable rooms, the tour is your better option.




I can’t even remember how many rooms there were and it wasn’t because of the rosé. But every room that’s part of the tour around the mansion was decorated with a different theme. Whether it was an outdoor patio, rosé lab, or even a bathtub (yes, I mean bathtub which you can find on my IGTV channel [coming soon]). All rooms were very Instagrammable and very beautiful to the point it would make someone like me who can get awkward and camera shy to soak it all in.

Though before you show up unannounced to join the experience, it will require yourself to be over 21 and a ticketholder which you can purchase that ticket at




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