Why I Decided To Write A Post About Resuming My Blog

Initially, when the thought came to mind that I wanted to blog again, I wanted to immediately write. But through the process of wanting to blog again and brainstorming that next topic, I couldn’t think of what to write. As days passed and I continued to look at an empty blog entry waiting for me to fill in with words, I found what I needed to say and based on the title, I think you already can guess the direction where this post is heading.

At the beginning of 2018, my New Year’s resolution was to write every week: one entry on Monday about my favorite songs of the week, one on Wednesday about Wellness and one entry on Friday reviewing restaurants. For a while, I remained quite consistent and staying on track with a content calendar in mind. Though when late February arrived, I started to feel unmotivated. My blog posts almost felt like I was submitting B+/B- homework. Despite being consistent, I decided to stop myself for a bit to rediscover life and decide from there whether or not life would lead me back to writing.

Now a few months have passed and with the process of living through life, you realize that sometimes life works in mysterious ways. One random day I found myself scrolling through an awesome group made up of ladies who were passionate about blogging and reminding me that blogging isn’t an oversaturated market and to not feel discouraged even if things don’t “magically pick up overnight.” As long as I was passionate about telling my story whether that is sharing food adventures and lifestyle tips to not feel discouraged at any time because it’s something you LOVE to do not because you HAVE to do it.

So what now? Through the process of writing this post, I realized that what I want to focus on this blog is that it will continue to talk about restaurant experiences but I also want this blog to help make an impact that could be even as simple as helping anyone who reads a post to feel that it could help anyone’s day be better whether that may be how to incorporate things here and there for one’s lifestyle to improve or not make the same mistakes I’ve made. I’m still only in my twenties and there’s a lot to write about from experiences whether that may be an event from around town that I want to share for others to experience or a meal that was out of this world. Hopefully, you stay or be a part of what’s to come on this, whatever that may be a journey through my twenties.


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