Smorgasburg Prospect Park 2018

Can you believe 2017 has already come and gone? Now it’s already deep into the end of May and Smorgasburg is back up and running. In case you’re unfamiliar with Smorgasburg, Smorgasburg is “an open-air food market” that opens on the last week of April until the end of September or Mid-October. On Saturday’s you can find this outdoor market in Williamsburg and on Sunday’s at Prospect Park.

Of course this year I had to make sure I made my way to Prospect Park before the arrival of summer and scorching heat. Here’s a full rundown of what I’ve tried so far, the good, the bad and everything you can find at Smorgasburg Prospect Park:

Bona Bona Ice Cream - Smorgasburg.JPG

Bona Bona Ice Cream

I kept seeing one of my friends Instagrams of this place so this time around I decided to give them a try despite their topping shaped like a certain emoji. I didn’t realize that after eating the top part that it’s actually a marshmallow that they end up blowtorching to create a meringue shaped like an emoji. I definitely would recommend to anyone who has a sweet tooth. For me at least, I love the pairing with the brownie and cookie dough ice cream!

Destination Dumplings

Destination Dumplings

Unfortunately, I was slightly underwhelmed by Destination Dumplings. Not to say they were bad, but they weren’t great. I couldn’t really taste the pork nor chives and instead, I just tasted a clump of stuffing in the dumplings. Though despite what I experienced the first time around, I will definitely give them a try again! I can never say no to dumplings and I also do want to try their Mac N’ Cheese and Peking Duck Dumpling.

John's Juice Smorgasburg.jpg

John’s Juice

This time around I didn’t have to wait thirty minutes for the drinks and thankfully there was no line because the forecast had a thunderstorm for later in the day, I was really content this time and as much as the pineapple was good, I think if anyone likes watermelon more than pineapple, I’d pick watermelon especially if it’s scorching hot outside when you’re there.

Whole Lobsterdamus


One of the reasons why I went to try Lobsterdamus was because their Instagram shots made their lobsters look absolutely delicious and I mean who could say no to lobster especially when we’re basically in the lobster season? For anyone who’s traveling solo or with a friend or group, you can try their signature cooked lobsters either in a half or full portion. In a half portion, you are given half of a whole lobster cooked with a choice of garlic butter or cajun sauce and the option to have fries or garlic noodles. While if you order a whole lobster, it includes garlic noodles. It’s definitely quite tasty and another great way to eat lobsters aside from the typical New England way.

Have you gone to Smorgasburg Prospect Park yet? If so, what places do you recommend and what are your thoughts about the vendors above? Let me know in the comments below!

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