Gelato & Cioccolato

This week I am back in my hometown to try a new gelato place that just opened not even for a full week yet called, “Gelato & Cioccolato.” Gelato and Cioccolato serve authentic gelato made from recipes that have been passed over from generation to generation. They also have cakes, smoothies, and other Italian dessert specialties. So of course, being an ice cream fan and knowing gelato and ice cream aren’t the same but are similar in some ways, I had to give their gelatos a try:

Gelato & Cioccolato

Nutella + Pistachio Gelato (Hidden in the Bottom)

So I’m not someone who has any knowledge on how gelato should be served but I would have preferred my two flavors of gelato be served side to side like an ice cream sundae rather on top of one another. Gelato stacked on top of one another leaves the consumer having to finish what could be their favorite flavor on the top before their “okay” flavor on the bottom leaving no room to savor their favorite bites last. I would say Nutella was my favorite of theirs and if I had gotten coffee, it would have probably been my second favorite or neck-to-neck first place favorite. My overall thoughts on this dessert parlor are that if I had to choose my go-to Gelato shop in the Town of Greenwich, this would be it.

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