#WellnessWednesday – Building a Traveling Routine

For some people when it comes to flying, the more they fly they become more at ease with the wind gods and mother nature, but for me, every flight is just as stressful as the next. After experiencing a few terrifying turbulences that have resulted in either feeling nauseous or even throwing up,  I have found a few ways and built my go-to traveling routine that has come in handy this time around considering I had to travel on an airplane within 3 days from each other. Here are four things that have helped soothe my traveling experience:

  1. Always, always have a travel playlist. – The last thing you want to do is be bopping from turbulence instead of your own music playlist. Especially if you’re afraid of turbulence, I’ve found that listening to my favorite music just helps ease a bit of that terrifying turbulence and thinking a million things will happen.
  2. Bring snacks. – Sometimes plane food makes me question what’s inside. Not necessarily a health freak or anything but sometimes if you’re someone who flies United, my thoughts about questionable lasagna and chicken always pop up in my mind so why not travel with some comfort food. Not only does it help ease that urge to eat or else you’ll be cautious deplaning but the sense of comfort you’ll feel from eating your favorite food.
  3. Bring a small purse that you can wear alongside you for the flight with all your necessities in it. – What’s worse than not being able to reach the overhead bins without standing on a seat but always needing to constantly need something from your bag. For me, I make sure I have a small purse I can wear inflight that has all my necessities from hand sanitizer, phone charger to my snacks.
  4. Sleep, or at least try to. – Sometimes we can plan everything to a T and even when we book overnight flights expecting to sleep, we still don’t and it can get pretty treacherous upon arrival. What has helped me when I do transatlantic flights and can’t sleep, I try to keep my eyes closed as a technique to trick the body to thinking I am sleeping so at least my body feels like it’s resting.

What do you guys do to survive the plane ride that you have found helpful?

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