Matcha N’ More

There’s so matcha talk about this Friday so let’s get into it, shall we? This week I decided to be adventurous and make my way down to Hester Street in Chinatown to try the new dessert parlor called Matcha N’ More. Just by the name of their parlor, you can tell they serve all things matcha related. As much as I’m not a matchaholic, I was dying to try their 24K ice cream because it brought me back down to memory lane to Hong Kong’s iCremeria, who also has their own version of an edible gold flake ice cream.

Although iCremeria suggests their edible gold leaf should be served with their signature milk ice cream, Matcha N’ More allows their customers to decide how they would like to enjoy the edible 24K with a choice of matcha, vanilla or a mix of the soft serves and a choice of a chocolate or matcha cone. It’s a very 2018 approach for Matcha N’ More to take customizable orders and since Matcha N’ More is known for their matcha, I had to order the edible 24K with a mix of matcha and vanilla soft serve on a matcha cone.

24K Ice Cream - Matcha N' More.JPG

As much as 24K is edible, it doesn’t really leave much of a taste on your taste buds other than air and the feeling of being royal. Though despite lacking any taste of gold, I would have preferred to have the edible gold sheet on a matcha soft serve instead of both because of the vanilla ice cream tasted a bit sweet in my opinion. Nevertheless, there are a lot more options besides their bougie ice cream from matcha lattes to matcha pastries and despite not being a non-matchaholic, I would definitely come back to try more. Aside from their soft serves to help quench a summer thirst, I am also eager to try their lychee matcha and their charcoal sesame matcha latte a try.

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