Spot Dessert Bar

There have always been just the usual dessert places serving the usual from frozen yogurt to exotic ice cream flavors and to the good ole baked cakes. And as years have passed, we slowly were exposed to more cultures serving their version of these tasty treats. Though as wonderful as it is for food to have evolved in the way it has, it’s also great to finally find something new like Spot Dessert Bar.

Spot Dessert Bar as they describe as a “dessert bar like no other,” which in fact is very true, serves a variety of innovative desserts with an Asian flare. Spot Dessert Bar goes far beyond with constantly creating new dessert dishes to keep their customers entertained and wanting more. From incorporating matcha into a traditional chocolate lava cake to a tiramisu with green tea to my personal favorite; their crispy honey buttered toast with a side of fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and condensed milk ice cream photographed below.

Golden Toast from Spot Dessert BarGolden Toast

If anyone has had a Hong Kong styled French Toast, this tastes just like the fluffier version of that but just as tasty as a Hong Kong styled French toast for sure. As much as I wanted to eat a lot more, I’m more of one dessert per meal kind of gal but I definitely will make my way again for more because have you seen their Instagram? Though I did get bubble tea to go that they serve in a plastic light bulb which was very cool in my opinion just a little too sweet. But nevertheless, my thoughts on the bubble tea, if the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely order as much as my stomach can handle in one sitting.

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