#WellnessWednesday – How to Prep Yourself for Allergy Season

Spring is only just a few days away and if anyone is an allergy sufferer like I am, you know it feels like a reoccurring apocalypse every year this time of year. If anyone is in the same boat as I am, you know what that feels like and if you aren’t, bless your soul but you just might not necessarily be in the clear.

As a kid, I never had allergies and never understood why my parents would come home from Field Day constantly sneezing with red eyes until I hit middle school. Since then, every year I never knew what to really expect. One year I would face what my parents faced when I was little and sometimes I would only experience the brunt of what allergy sufferers face towards the end of May.


To this day, I never know what I will experience when mid-March comes along, but I have found 4 changes I’ve instilled in my life when the season comes to make this time of year a lot less painful or at least delay the feeling of the death towards the tail-end of the season:

  1. Begin my allergy medicine the first day of March. – I have found that my body was able to adapt a lot quicker to the allergy season with having had allergy medicine already in my system before the start of the season. My go-to when it comes to allergy medicine is Zyrtec.
  2. Drink local honey. – I have read online and it has worked for me that it helps when you drink honey from your home state to help your body get used to the pollination bees provide flowers.
  3. When your eyes start feeling irritated, wet a towel with cold water to place over your eyes. – This is when you are already at your wit’s end and your eyes are already bulging red, cold water definitely helps soothe the irritation.
  4. Wear sunglasses. – I have found whenever I was out during the Spring season with sunglasses, my eyes experienced far less irritation than without. I mean, have you seen car windshields in the Spring? All the green gunk, oh yeah, that’s pollen.

What else have you guys found that are helpful for the allergy season?


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