230 Fifth Rooftop Bar/Penthouse

This week, I’m changing gears a little bit with my food feature this Friday. After last Saturday’s adventure, I thought this next place I’m about to talk about is perfect for anyone who likes hitting the club with their friends or having a bougie birthday bar celebration. For anyone who’s under the age of 21, this article may not be of your interest but for those over the age of 21 or are planning their turning 21 rager, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar/Penthouse may be the place you may want to pop bottles at.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar is known for their beautiful view of the New York City skyline and a front and center view of the Empire State Building. 230 Fifth is the perfect place if you are celebrating a friends birthday especially in the winter time where you can enjoy sipping cocktails with a scenic skyline view huddled together in an igloo.


And my overall opinion about the bar and igloo scene? It’s definitely a lot more fun when you’re there with friends because the wait time you’ll face in line to get in could get treacherous depending what time you arrive and also it’s a lot merrier being with a group of friends bracing the cold together on the rooftop. For anyone who’s traveling in a pack, the man at the door will advise you to either do a bottle package which would be around $250 (with tax + miscellaneous $300), this package includes a bottle of vodka and some mixers from Pepsi, orange juice, and Sprite. But for those who only want to go a drink at a time, that’s also an options that’s available. And as for how to score a spot in the igloo? You will definitely need to keep an eye on when people leave their igloo because it is a first come first serve. As treacherous as the wait can get, for me it was an hour for one of the igloos, they also have heat lamps on the rooftop and they also provide some snuggies so it’s not too treacherous while you wait.

Have you guys gone to the rooftop bar yet? What are your thoughts on the rooftop? Let me know in the comments below!

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