#WellnessWednesday – Mini Drugstore Haul

My first mini drugstore haul and it truly is a very mini haul considering I only got three items to try. I’ve always been skeptical about drugstore skincare products especially as a middle schooler who’s always had acne prone skin to this day, I’ve tried everything, you name it. Though now recently I have seen so many articles in regards to drugstores carrying better selections of skin care products since way back when so I decided to give these three a try on my sensitive skin acne prone skin and here’s what happened:

I don’t know why I even fell for this but maybe because having had acne be part of my life for so long, I was willing to try anything even if it seemed to good to be true that this sticker carry some “acne healing magic” was going to be my overnight wonder but of course as I said before: it was too good to be true.

As for these two masks, they both under delivered what the labelled promised. The charcoal clarifying mask did almost nothing to my skin at all other than have a slight placebo effect leading my brain to assume that I had a slight fewer blackheads but other than that nothing much has changed. As for the deep cleaning mask, it didn’t do any deep cleaning but it did keep my skin moisturised throughout the night into the morning.

After this mini drugstore haul I will say, you can’t expect a mask or peel do wonders overnight even though I used 8 of the peels before writing this, but ultimately for anyone who’s reading this that is in the same position as I am when it comes to skin, steer clear from these products.

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