The Drawing Room CT

This week’s another short and sweet restaurant review coming from my home-state Connecticut from the Town of Greenwich. This place has been known for a Meryl Streep spotting but most importantly their afternoon tea. And when I mean afternoon tea, I am talking about English styled high tea with three tiers: scones, finger sandwiches, the whole nine yards.

In past years, I have gone to enjoy their high tea and I will say it’s definitely a great compromise for anyone who does like high tea but doesn’t want to travel great lengths to the city to enjoy it. What’s lead me to write a review about The Drawing Room was due to rediscovering this place after my avocado toast obsession was taking a backseat. And as a party of one working on the clock, the only thing I could find myself enjoying was their sandwiches so I decided to go with their signature classic sandwich: chicken salad sandwich on pumpernickel bread.


Since my high school to college days which let’s just say has been almost about 5+ years,  nothing has changed with The Drawing Room and that’s definitely a good thing. I love their choice of pumpernickel bread and their chicken salad that tastes just the good amount of everything without their bibb lettuce being too moist or an overpowering taste of mayonnaise. For anyone who’s ever looking to eat healthy and looking for a treat yourself type of meal, I definitely would pick The Drawing Room as your place because their pumpernickel not only tastes good but it’s also a healthier choice and not so bland choice from your usual grained toasts. And here’s a tip, if you’re craving them on a Sunday or a Monday, make sure you hold your craving until the next day because they are closed both days!

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