Realigning Resolutions

We are already into the second (third unofficial) week of February and we are probably off the wagon when it comes to pursuing and following our New Year’s Resolutions we worked so hard in creating and hoping to achieve into the New Year. One of the greatest things about being an American born Cantonese kid is celebrating both Eastern and Western Holidays. There are only two days till Chinese New Year and it has become a great holiday for me personally not only due to the feasting and family time that goes into it but it’s also a great time to recenter and regroup when it comes to resolutions.

If you remember about just a month ago in the beginning of January, I blogged about “8 Resolutions for 2018,” and I can say so far, I have been pretty consistent with a half of my resolutions which I would love to pat my back for keeping consistent with, but after looking over my list, there are definitely some things I haven’t been consistent with achieving and a lot more resolutions I would like to add on and achieve in 2018. But besides the point of what I want to achieve, what I think that has been quite helpful in the process in making sure I achieve my resolutions are these three things which I think will help anyone who’s working to realign resolutions to get back on track:

  1. Write down everything on a daily/digital planner
    • What has been a great help is having a daily (paper) planner written with everything I want to accomplish and also on the sides of my planner write some “inspiring quotes” or “mindset quotes” I want to maintain for the week
  2. Treat it like a daily affirmation
    • The idea of practice what you preach deeply comes into effect. If you treat your resolution like a daily affirmation, your brain will remember the importance of that goal on a daily basis leaving you no choice but to stay on track.
  3. Don’t beat yourself over the head to achieve it
    • One of the biggest mistakes when trying to achieve any goal is beating yourself over it for not achieving it at a timely fashion you would like it to be completed or even when you’re close to failing. It’s always important to remember that when you fall, you will always get up, and the process it takes to learn to get back on your two feet is the most important part when working towards achieving it.

What has also helped you get back on your feet when it comes to realigning resolutions?

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