Z Hospitality Greenwich Restaurants Roundup

For the number of times, I have traveled for food between Z Hospitality Group’s restaurants across the blocks of Greenwich Avenue, it was only about time to write a roundup of all three of them and all my thoughts on their food, drinks, ambiance, and more. Here’s my breakdown of all my thoughts on Z Hospitality’s Restaurants across the blocks of Greenwich Avenue:


East End

This restaurant gives off many vibes of a good night out. When you walk into their restaurant, you are greeted by their chic looking bar before entering to the dining area portion of the restaurant. Out of all three of their restaurants – East End is definitely my favorite. They have a variety of cold and hot appetizers to choose from Wagyu Carpaccio to their delicious Tagliatelle with Mushrooms. They also have a great variety of cocktails from Flower and Pain to their very Instagrammaable – Singapore Sling.



You can tell right from the name that Mediterraneo serves Mediterranean food which includes tons of seafood serving staple dishes like Tuna Tartare to Jumbo Sea Scallops. This is definitely a great place for families and large parties to go and eat who are under the drinking age because they have everything that fits every family palate from a Simple Gourmet Mozzarella and Basil Pizza to Parmesan Crusted Halibut. And if you’re a dessert fan, their Warm Chocolate Cake with Gelato is absolutely delicious!



If you’re a fan of gourmet Italian food, Terra is definitely the place for you. It’s quite tight space wise so be cautious when you’re sitting in the midsection of the restaurant: you might feel slightly boxed in and slightly claustrophobic. Other than that, they serve delicious amazing pasta dishes from Linguine Fini to Lemon Fettuccine. It’s definitely also a great restaurant to bring your family because just like Mediterraneo, they serve meals from carpaccio to pizza to pasta that fits just about everyone from unique to the unadventurous palates.

Have you ever been to either one of all three of the listed restaurants above? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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