Start a Food Journal

I was really careful when deciding what title this post should be and I decided to go with food rather than diet. It’s important to live to eat not eat to live. As much as eating everything may seem fine, it’s also good to find that balance in between from incorporating greens and eating fruit. As they always say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Though the purpose of a food journal goes far beyond documenting calorie counting but actually just reminding our own bodies what we’re intaking. Sometimes we think that an extra chip from a giant party pack may be nothing until a few chips later, the bags already completely empty. One of the things I have been aiming this year is not necessarily dieting, despite having tried to do an Atkins diet and that was just a complete fail. But the overall idea to cut back on food portions and still enjoying the finer foods in life without cutting all the good things in life cold turkey.

And to start a food journal, it’s not that hard nor should it be any more difficult than owning and managing a paper or digital planner. I would recommend using a paper planner or if you don’t have one maybe just a small little notebook that’s easy to carry. The whole point of the process of having a food journal has to lead to just being mentally aware with what I am intaking and that may be in theory that having a caramel frappuccino two days in a row might not be such a good idea.

Do you have a food journal? What are your thoughts about having one? Good or bad? Comment below!

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