Greenwich Guide: Avocado Toast Edition

After going on a never-ending pursuit for the tastiest avocado toast in town, I decided to write a list of the top 3 places in Greenwich, CT that are worth ordering. You can give me a lot of flack for being basic or lazy to make my own avocado toast but I’d rather pay $7 instead of 7 minutes or more making it. So let’s toast to these top three tasty toasty avocado toasts:

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My Myx Kitchen

My Myx comes first because it is truly my favorite go-to place when it comes to a smooth tasty avocado toast. Myx Kitchen serves their avocado toast with an egg over easy with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt, and cracked pepper. If you prefer a nice simple avocado toast without too much going on as topping wise to take too much away from the pure joy and simplicity of what an avocado toast is – My Myx Kitchen is the perfect place for you when it comes to a simple smooth avocado toast.


Ada’s Kitchen + Coffee

I didn’t ever get a chance to write a solo review of Ada’s Kitchen + Coffee but their avocado toast comes a close second to My Myx Kitchen when it comes to quality ingredients. Ada’s Kitchen + Coffee’s version of an avocado toast is served with shaved radish, cilantro, cucumber, pickled onions, and sesame on a multigrain bread. I’m not a fan of multigrain bread in general but the toppings on top of the avocado toast are quite refreshing to eat for breakfast especially if you’re feeling a little groggy and tiresome in the morning with all the crunchiness and juices from the ingredients.


The Granola Bar

I love the idea of having an avocado toast with feta & pepper flakes or just solo pepper flakes. It allows the diner to enjoy the smooth avocado spread while experiencing an occasional tingling feeling from the feta cheese and pepper flakes. Though aside from toppings, bread-wise I would prefer an avocado toast to be on just a sourdough or whole wheat bread rather than multi-grain bread because it makes the bread crust a little too tough. Nevertheless, you can taste all ingredients are quite fresh.

Do you agree with my fresh finds or do you have another place you would also nominate into the group? Leave a comment and let me know below where your favorite avocado toast place is?



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