Kyushu Ramen CT

One of the cons when it comes to living in the suburbs is not being able to eat what you’re craving at any moment in time without needing to drive over 30 minutes to reach your final destination. Sometimes you may be craving some dim sum, Thai rolled ice cream, a tasty vegan guac burger or even a bowl of steamy hot ramen and still, you would need to make an effort beyond your means to satisfy that craving. Though this week I found a new place in Stamford, CT to explore to see if they’d satisfy my current everlasting craving: ramen.

Kyushu Ramen opened their doors in the Fall of 2017 in downtown Stamford known as the “first ramen restaurant” to open in Stamford serves ramen along with some small plates from gyoza to takoyaki and rice dishes. Of course, with a restaurant named “ramen,” I had to try their ramen and my staple ramen side dish: gyoza.

image 6.JPEG

Pan-Fried Pork & Chicken Gyoza


Shoyu Ramen – Chashu Pork, Bamboo Shoot, Soy Sauce Egg, Seaweed, Scallion, Toasted Seaweed

Let’s start with the gyoza. The gyoza wasn’t bad nor was it fabulous. What I will say is that it tasted like one of those items of food in your life you may try that you’re like it’s not bad nor good but it’s definitely missing something. This is what that gyoza tasted like. As for the ramen, I am a bigger fan of a thicker wavy ramen and this ramen was in a more similar form while tasting quite “al dente.” I wouldn’t say this is hands down the greatest bowl I have ever had in the world, but it’s definitely something that can tackle a ramen itch.

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