Build A Bedtime Schedule

Drinking water daily has been a hard #WellnessWednesday routine to continue to carry out daily but it’s definitely good not only for your body but also for your skin to look healthy and hydrated. This week, I decided to provide my days with a little bit more structure by building a bedtime schedule that would help me become an early riser while also help with the morning grogginess or the coffee urge.

A week later, I will say it is a lot harder said than done. During the week, I was either a couple minutes ahead or behind my bedtime schedule which was great but because I moved my bedtime thirty minutes ahead of my usual sleep time, I felt I was lying in bed a little bit longer before going to bed yet it is expected especially when your body is used to a usual routine.

Though aside from setting a bedtime and adjusting and sticking to that time, it has definitely lead to a lot of pros for myself and my body. One of those pros is less grogginess. Once your circadian rhythm has adjusted to waking up at a certain time day in and day out, it becomes a lot less difficult to wake up without that grogginess unless you’re really hating what you have to do that day. Secondly, it has lead to wanting to stop the urge of drinking coffee. After a while being a coffee drinker since college, with having a set schedule built into my daily routine, my body has fought with having energy produced on its own with drinking more water than the caffeine that may help kick-in for four hours at most. Thirdly, with having a wake-up time in place, it’s also encouraged me to wake-up even earlier to make more time for myself from just going to work earlier to get out earlier or just spending a morning tea to myself.

Do you have a bedtime schedule and has that helped you in the long run? Let me know in the comments below!

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