Sweet Monster Hong Kong

Continuing my dessert theme, this week I’m reviewing another dessert place in Hong Kong called Sweet Monster. Sweet Monster serves what they label as “American festival sweets” serving a variety of ice cream toppings from Caramel Macchiatto to Cookie Mountain on top of their signature base ice cream: “Real Deep Milk.” But the ultimate ice cream topping that you may see the most on Instagram that I had to try was their popcorn monster:

Photo Dec 16, 4 10 10 AM (2).jpg

Caramel Flavored Popcorn Monster With “Real Deep” MIlk

As much as I want to say I LOVED IT. I just eh liked it. I think as much as I am considered Asian and from the East, but having lived and born as a Westerner, I was underwhelmed by the flavor of the milk because for anyone who lives in the Northeast of the U.S., there’s something that once you’ve drunk milk from your home state, it’s hard to go back and consider any milk to be fascinating but nevertheless it doesn’t mean the milk wasn’t good, it just wasn’t oh my god good. Secondly, I love caramel so when I tasted their caramel popcorn, all I could taste was sweet syrup with a hint of caramel, so you can already guess what my final verdict would be. But leaving this review short and sweet, it’s definitely not a complete miss because it’s ice cream, but it’s not a MUST but at least it’s very Instagrammable.

Have you guys tried Sweet Monster yet before in Hong Kong or any of their other cities they are present in? What did you think? Comment below. And in case you missed last week’s dessert review, click here.


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