Emack and Bolio’s Hong Kong

It’s 2018 and I’m back in full swing with food reviews coming to you weekly every Friday as a #FridayFeature featuring a new restaurant, cafe, parlor, & etc that I’ve tried and my thoughts behind every bite. This week, my review comes from my second home Hong Kong from a place you may have heard if you’re from the states: Emack and Bolio’s. I never have found the time back at home to make time to travel to their parlor in New York City but since this time I stumbled upon their newly opened parlor in Wan Chai, I had to try it!

And in case everyone didn’t know which I initially didn’t either, Emack and Bolio’s actually began in Boston back in 1975 and not in New York City. I won’t thesaurus their entire backstory but if you want to learn about their story, I will leave this here for you to click on to learn more. Though what I do know for a fact is that Emack and Bolio’s are known for their tasty cool cones from Rice Krispies to Fruit Loops and their ice cream scoop stacking techniques. But as adventurous as I can be, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple the first go around especially at a new place, so I decided to order their Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Ice Cream on a Fruit Loop Cone:


As I took the first bite of ice cream, I was surprised to find how little flavor I was able to taste of the salted caramel along with the chocolate. After a few bites more I was able to taste some crunchiness which I assumed it was to be pretzels but overall the ice cream tasted more of a creamy vanilla than what was listed as the ice cream flavor. As I got to the cone portion, the fruit loops were slightly hard yet expected in order for the fruit loops to stick tight onto the cone. Emack and Bolios did a good job pairing what they call  Marsh “Mellow” in order to wrap the fruit loops together tightly onto the cone without overpowering any of the fruit loop flavor or ice cream flavor away.

I wasn’t that impressed by Emack and Bolio’s only because I think with the anticipation of having waited for almost three years to try them and the Instagram photos just got into my head into thinking about what their ice cream was gonna taste like rather than really giving it a clear and level-headed judgment when getting my hand on them initially. I definitely would give them a second chance on a much simpler ice cream like an oreo ice cream or something that is simple yet a straightforward flavor to all that isn’t subjective but pleases the tastebuds of the popular vote.


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