17 Things I Learned in 2017


2017 was a very interesting year for me. It was the first year in a very long time that I couldn’t use school as an excuse from not being able to do certain activities in my life because I had already graduated from college one year ago from May 2016. There have been so many great memories this year that I will share over on my Instagram page. Though as much as we all have great days, we occasionally have some bad days that also come with some life learning experiences and with that being said, here are seventeen things I learned in 2017:

  1. Family time is very important. – Especially because my parents are my rock, I always make sure that every week, I respect the designated days that are family days to spend time with the family rather than having just a day of fun with friends especially when my family only has 2 days out of the week to do family bonding activities.
  2. Life isn’t short, you just got to do make time for things. – One of the things I learned this year was that if I wanted to do certain things throughout the week I just needed to make time rather than whine about not having time. Just remember, we have the same amount of hours in a day like Ryan Seacrest.
  3. Only make time for things that matter. – There have been a few people in my life that decided to only reappear when it was convenient for them but whenever I needed a hand or an ear to listen to, it was always just about them. I felt that after recognizing that, it was time to really value the time I had on things that mattered than things that didn’t.
  4. Value your own time. – As much as we want to please everyone in our lives even for people who don’t acknowledge or recognize the time and effort you put into them, it was an important lesson for me to learn that it’s important to value time and use time wisely.
  5. Try to workout every day. – I learned this year that working out isn’t always about weight loss but also a very healthy mental exercise when it comes to just relaxing from a long day or just trying to get the body moving from feeling too groggy from eating too much in the winter.
  6. Treat yourself. – So I abuse this phrase a lot but sometimes we always forget how much time we spend on work and doing things for other people without taking time to treat yourself after doing all these things. Sometimes it’s also good for your own well-being and soul to reward yourself.
  7. Do things that make you happy. – Sometimes we tend to do things we aren’t really keen on doing for people so it’s important that it’s something you want to do happily than just do for someone else.
  8. Say no. – This ties with #6 because sometimes we tend to do things just to please people but sometimes you got to please yourself first because if you’re not happy, you won’t be happy doing what someone’s asking you to do and that’s not healthy.
  9. Be yourself. – So part of food blogging sometimes you need to use the camera flash not once but three times at a restaurant and sometimes you will get shot with some looks. But hey, if it’s your passion or it’s something you like to do, be you and let the haters be pessimists.
  10. Sometimes you just have to let go and let God. – I tend to worry a lot and still do to this day worry about every little detail. And sometimes as much as we want things to work a certain way, it doesn’t. Sometimes you just got to remember you’ve done your best and leave the rest to fate.
  11. Take social media detoxes from time to time. – Sometimes social media can take a toll from feeling FOMO to just being overexposed to what’s happening in the world. Sometimes it’s a good idea to step back and just enjoy a cell-free day and sit back.
  12. If your gut says otherwise, think about it. – Sometimes you may be put into situations that aren’t the best and as much as your mind says one thing, your gut may say another and usually 9/10 times if your gut is right, stick to it.
  13. Job fills the pockets, adventures fill the soul. – This was my first year officially working and what I learned is as much as jobs fill our pockets, it’s about putting that money to good use by enriching your life with memories rather than on flashy items. But it never hurts to splurge on your favorite bag.
  14. Be open-minded. – What I learned is that as long as who you’re with is happy with what they do in their life, rather than badgering them and telling them what you think is best for them, just be their cheerleader and accept what someone’s happiness is to them than what you think that their happiness should be.
  15. Do you and let life take its course. – An example is when it comes to applying for a job. After an interview, instead of calling the employer 24/7 just do two follow-up emails and let life take its course. What happens, happens and what’s meant to be, it will be.
  16. You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. – ¬†Sometimes we tend to forget that as long as you’re doing what you love and your doing your best work, things will unfold and sooner or later work in your favor.
  17. If there’s a will, there’s a way. – I learned this year from figuring out who my real friends are, I learned through this is that whoever wants to stay in your life will work to stay and for those who don’t well . . . good luck to you.

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