Wong Chi Kei Review

We bring you back to regularly scheduled programming for this week’s restaurant review that comes from Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. If you’re someone who’s looking for a decent bowl of wonton noodles but does not want to deal with the commute to Central for Yung Kee, Wong Chi Kei is the place for you.

Wong Chi Kei is known for their long history of noodle making and serves a variety of noodle bowl combinations from pig knuckles noodle soup to the traditional wonton noodle soup. I found this gem located only 5 minutes walking distance from The Excelsior Hotel after a rainy morning and I will have to say, I understand why three generations later the business is still where it’s at to this day. Of course, after hearing their backstory, I decided to go the traditional route for a bowl of wonton noodles with a bowl of soup on the side:


Wong Chi Kei always delivers the same quality day in and day out with al dente noodles and thinly wrapped dumplings. Though despite always delivering the same quality over time there’s still as the French say, a certain “je ne sais quoi” that Wong Chi Kei isn’t able to deliver to Yung Kee standards but nevertheless still good on its bad days as well. And here’s a little tip for anyone who is looking for a decent meal on a decent dime, visit Wong Chi Kei between 11:30 when they open and leave by 12:40 to receive a 12% discount. You’re welcome. Happy Noodle Lifting!

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