By Chloe

We interrupt you from our regular scheduled post by sailing back to New York City with my review of a not so new vegan place but new in a sense that they have finally opened their new location at Rockefeller Center, New York City. I don’t know why I am so excited to write this review. Maybe it’s mainly because it has taken me long enough to finally have gone to this place, which you can guess from this title is By Chloe.

By Chloe is known for being 100% vegan (free of meat, dairy and egg products) and is also certified kosher. And as much as I am a firm non-believer of being vegan ever in my entire life unless it came to health-related reasons, By Chloe offers a lot of wonderful varieties and variations of vegan food from burgers to pasta to sweets. Since it was my first time at By Chloe, I decided to give their Guac Burger a try:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

From someone who has never had a vegan burger in their entire life – this is absolutely phenomenal. Aside from their massive social media presence, what makes this guac burger so phenomenal is that every bite that you take, you can taste the fresh and juicy ingredients By Chloe promises they use and oh did they truly deliver. Don’t knock vegan food until you try it. If you are ever near any By Chloe location, it’s definitely the place worth popping your vegan cherry.

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