Music Monday – Visuals Edition

As the month of October comes to a close, I decided to change it up a bit for the last week to introduce my favorite visuals of the month. As much as any song an artist chooses to release to share to fans are just as important as every song in their catalog but when a song is turned into a music video, it brings a song that you once thought was mediocre to come to life. Here are my favorite music videos of the month:

Are you ready for this? Obviously, I had to kick off my top five favorite videos of the month of October with …Ready For It by Taylor Swift. It’s a mix of Ghost In the Shell vibes and Bad Blood. When it comes to music video visuals, Joseph Kahn can do no wrong.

Aside from my obsession with everything and anything Charlie Puth, I found this visual very interesting because it’s a breakup song that gives a very humorous fun vibe to it. And Charlie Puth’s dancing, well that speaks for itself.

I was never a #Harmonizer and now that Camila Cabello has stepped into her own spotlight, I can see why she decided to take her own road into the music industry because she is one talented young lady. This music video visual is very creative incorporating Telenovela into the storyline and her song is just like no song out there on the pop charts.

This visual concept has a very simple storyline and a lesson that’s old as the tale of time but a very important lesson everyone should know and learn that if anything is meant to be it will be. Just as long as you follow your heart and guts, things will just take its own course. God that was cheesy but nevertheless a wonderful song and an amazing collaboration.


What were your favorite music videos of the month?

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