Hachiban Ramen HK

Since I am still reliving my vacation in Hong Kong, it only makes sense that the content on my blog is side by side with my Instagram. So this week I will be sharing my Hong Kong restaurant dining experience and I will be kicking off this week’s post at one of my favorite ramen shops on Hong Kong island: Hachiban Ramen.

Hachiban Ramen was born back in 1967 in the heart of Japan serving traditional Japanese ramen. They have now grown to 255 restaurants across Asia with 146 shops in Japan and three in Hong Kong. It’s always my go-to favorite ramen shop because it’s only 5 minutes away from where I stay in Hong Kong and I never have to wait in line for a table because it’s in a food court. Here’s my favorite bowl from Hachiban Ramen: a simple traditional char-siu ramen.



Aside from the practicality and the accessibility Hachiban Ramen is to me, I’m not 100% sure if this is wholeheartedly authentic Japanese ramen, but all I know that it is 100% good. If you’re a fan of wavey al dente ramen, Hachiban Ramen is the place for you. And here’s a tip, if you visit their joint during lunch hours till 6 o’clock at night, their ramen is at a discounted price and not at a discounted size.


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