What I have learned in life is never to judge a book by it’s cover until you have at least read a few chapters to form a semi-authentic opinion and that’s something that I apply to when I try new restaurants and cafes without fully jumping the gun and missing out on an unknown gem. This week, I decided to venture to a cafe that I recently kept walking past in Chinatown called Auntea.

Auntea is a small cafe tucked in Chinatown near Wo Hop that serves a variety of bubble (tapioca) tea. And if it didn’t make sense to add a little life lesson to open this article, one of the reasons I felt it was important to address this is that as a person who passes by the cafe would think it’s a cute quaint cafe yet quite quieter than other bubble tea parlors in Chinatown; so the first assumption would obviously not be a good one. So despite from what I saw through the glass, I decided to stand behind the glass and check this place out and order what every boba tea parlor has: classic black bubble tea.

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I got to be honest: my gut instinct was right. In some cases, if there are no customers at a restaurant there’s always that same reason why. For starters, the barista wasn’t that friendly because when I asked her about the drink I wanted, she was very robotic in a sense that she was continuously pointing at the menu for me to look for it on my own rather than trying to have a conversation despite the fact that there was no line and pretty much no one in the store.

Secondly and most importantly the bubble tea was nowhere near authentic nor tasty in any sort of way. The tea itself tasted like a small hint of black tea that was followed by the awkward 25% sugar I asked for that tasted like an awkward concoction that just didn’t mix at all with the tea. Overall I felt like I just wasted five pounds of my weight on a cup of bubble tea and a review that you probably just spend 5 minutes reading that should’ve just read: don’t bother wasting your time and taste buds.

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