Music Monday – Marc E. Bassy


Over the years, I have been steadily following Marc E. Bassy’s music and finally, he’s released his first album I guess I would say that’s not really like his past tapes and it’s fire. This week’s post is devoted to Bassy’s music and my top 5 picks off his new album:

  • Plot Twist feat. Hailee Steinfeld
    • I picked the remix over the original with Kyle because even though I love the original version with Kyle is already amazing in it of itself, I like the female narrative spin on the idea behind Plot Twist.
  • Till I Get Found
    • Despite having brought up this song in last week’s Music Monday’s, this is one song resonates with me not necessarily because I can relate to it on an emotional level but it’s because it has a sick beat and I love the line “leave me lost and all alone till I get found.”
  • So Simple feat G-Eazy
    • I love any song that is a Marc E. Bassy and G-Eazy collaboration. Their voices are the two puzzle pieces that build a musical masterpiece. If you don’t know what I mean, give their two songs “You & Me” and “Some Kind of Love” a listen.
  • Bondage
    • This song has a very smooth sultry vibe that reminds me of Robin Thicke during his Lost Without U phase.
  • Don’t Let Her Go
    • I mean the title says it all why it’s my favorite song. But despite that it’s written in from a male perspective, I think anyone can relate to this song that makes this song a good listen to.


What’s your favorite song from Gossip Column or any song from Marc E. Bassy? Comment below. Happy Monday!

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