iCremeria HK

Since I am still reliving my vacation in Hong Kong, it only makes sense that the content on my blog is side by side with my Instagram. So this week I will be sharing my Hong Kong restaurant dining experience and I will be kicking off this week’s post at my new favorite ice cream parlor in all of Hong Kong: iCremeria.

I thought it was time to give them a try because on a daily basis, I would always walk past their ice cream parlor and never gave them a shot but after I saw that they offered a very bougie yet unique Soft Milk Ice Cream with Edible Gold Leaf on top, I couldn’t resist for the gram and also have a taste to see whether the hype of Japanese Milk is as good as the hype serves it to be:


Sometimes an Instagrammable food item doesn’t always live to its expectation but it totally did photo and taste wise. I can now understand why Hong Kongers are obsessed with Japanese milk because it is truly good. And as much as I was anticipating the Edible Gold Leaf to leave a certain hint of flavor in my mouth, the gold leaf had no taste but I did feel like a cool kid eating an edible gold leaf ice cream.

But although they taste good, each location tends to taste differently. When I first tried their Harbour City location for the first time, I realized they were quite tasty and the ice cream was quite refreshing. But once I went to try my local I-Cremeria in Causeway Bay, I found out that they were slightly not as fresh in milk taste. And at that moment, I was able to crack the code. The lady at the Causeway Bay store notified me that each individual store churns their own milk, which meant not all ice cream taste the same. I’m definitely not saying Causeway Bay sucks and only go to Harbor City, but I am saying that you’ve been warned.

See for yourself and let me know what you think about their Creamadoro aka Edible Gold Leaf Ice Cream.


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