Friday Fives – Instagram Tips & Hacks

After Instagram released their new algorithm as their new way to display feed photos as opposed to chronological order, we and I mean me at least, have been trying to find what’s the best way to crack the code and get back to the smooth sailing graces of growing a genuine community without having the algorithm effect me. So this week’s Friday Five’s, I decided to devote it to five articles I found that were helpful in helping me beat the algorithm and up my Instagram game:

How to Up Your Instagram With Instastories via New York Mag

The Secret Weapon You Need to Beat the Algorithm via Honeybook

How to Grow Actual Genuine Followers Instagram via Bloguettes

With Beating the Algorithm, You Need Prime Content, Here’s the Guide to An Eye-Popping Social Media Caption via Forbes

Square No More, You Can Up Your Multiple Image Content in Landscape Format, But There’s A Catch via Forbes


I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on these articles and let me know if you’ve read any other helpful articles in beating Instagram’s algorithm. Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a great weekend!


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