Dr. Smood

Since I came back from my mini-vacation, I decided to cut coffee out of my daily routine but still occasionally cheating on the weekend with my favorite Caramel Macchiato, it was time to find something to replace that coffee urge with something a lot more healthier and refreshing from the usual bitter Americano with no milk flavor. And all thanks to my girl La Dolce Gia, I found a place that serves just that in New York City called Dr. Smood.

Dr. Smood shares on their Instagram bio as “Smart Food For A Good Mood,” serves from healthy organic coffee to smoothies with organic ingredients to perfect lunch portion gluten-free pasta. I’m not really a gluten-free fanatic because I love gluten and everything about it but I do like fresh smoothies which brought me to try one of their smoothies: Beauty Smoody

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

“Coconut Water, Banana, and Strawberry”

What I liked about my smoothie is that it tasted what I imagined it to be: refreshing.  I probably picked the wrong drink to try because there were so few ingredients but I could taste how fresh the ingredients were in my drink. The only thing that I have a bone to pick with Dr. Smood, not necessarily a bone but I am still trying to figure out what exactly their signature is. Is it that they serve all meals and drinks with organic ingredients or is there a certain ring to Dr. Smood when it comes to healthy juices that I’m not noticing that’s different from Juice Generation or Joe’s Juice.

I definitely can see how they stand out when it comes to decor. It’s a really great place to kind of escape from the Concrete Jungle like Project Cozy has a cute coffee shop relaxed vibe while at Dr. Smood, it has a bougie and grander vibe. But nevertheless, I would definitely wouldn’t knock Dr. Smood off your list if you’re looking for refreshing cool and healthy drinks.


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