Tasty Tuesday – Magnolia Banana Pudding

Before I left to Hong Kong, I decided to end my Summer 2017 trying touristy things in New York City by strolling to Magnolia Bakery for the first time EVER to try their signature Banana Pudding. You may have heard of their name on Sex and the City and Riverdale, Magnolia Bakery is an American baked goods store that serves items from cupcakes to their well-renowned banana pudding.

As much as it amazes me that I have yet to try something that’s always four blocks away from me whenever I am in the city, I decided to give their famous pudding with a summer twist smores banana pudding a try!

FullSizeRender 42After my first bite, I could see what the obsession is with this banana pudding. I wish I got a smaller size instead of the medium because it was a little too sweet for my taste but nevertheless I was able to finish it all on my own. I definitely would recommend it to anyone who loves banana pudding or smores because it truly does live up to the hype for any sweet tooth lovers out there!


Have you guys tried Magnolia Bakery, if so what are your thoughts on this New York City bakery hotspot and their famous banana pudding? Comment below and tune in next week for another #TastyTuesday!


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