My Myx Creative Kitchen

This week’s adventure I decided to stay in my hometown and travel around places that I haven’t been too even though I have a great for not having been to this place because they just opened this year: The Myx Creative Kitchen.

The Myx Creative Kitchen, which I love their Instagram bio phrase btw which is, “your taste buds and waistline will thank you.” serves delicious healthy snacks that actually taste good that’s worth every penny. And as my rule of thumb when trying out new places is trying a dish every other place would serve as the best barometer to decide whether or not the rest of their food will be delicious.

Call me basic, call me boring, but I love me an avocado toast and that’s what I decided to order:


I’m not really a breakfast person but I definitely have found my go-to place for when I’m actually craving for a good local breakfast place that isn’t Starbucks. And as basic as an avocado toast may seem, there are rarely places that make the right avocado toast that’s made perfect for you. Some places, I won’t name drop where, either make their crust too hard and or too salty. Also if you’re a cold brew fan, you’re in luck. Their cold brew coffee comes with ice cube made out of coffee which is perfect for all coffee lovers who can’t spare to waste a drop of coffee especially on Manic Monday’s.


Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts if you’ve ever tried My Myx Creative Kitchen or any places you recommend with tasty avocado toasts. Happy Tuesday!

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