Smorgasburg Prospect Park 2017

It’s about damn time I have finally made my way to one of two Smorgasburg locations: Prospect Park. I don’t know if the vendors are the same for both Prospect Park and Williamsburg but what I do know, it’s worth the trip to Brooklyn.


Home Frites

Most people may say they are in love with pizza, but for me, it would be french fries and Home Frites is one of the reasons why. Home Frites does a great job pairing their delicious hand cut fries with gourmet sauces that are savory to the point that it’s not overbearing but just the right amount. If you plan on exploring more food around Smorgasburg, it would probably be best to share an order with a friend because you will get pretty stuffy real quick.

John’s Juice

Despite having to wait for 30 minutes post opening time of Smorgasburg Prospect Park for John’s Juice, it was totally worth the wait and it’s not because it’s an Instagrammable drink. John’s Juice is quite creative using a simple concept allowing everyone to enjoy juice at “its natural state, right from the source,” aka drink watermelon juice straight from the watermelon itself. it’s the perfect drink for a hot summers day.


Ramen Burger 

Over the years the hype over ramen burger lives on but the truth of the matter is: it’s just THAT GOOD. And when you think back to why it became where it is today, you realize that the concept is quite innovative that instead of using buns, the ramen is slowly cooked to a point that it’s not mushy but also tasty at the same time to be enjoyed with the meat in the middle without being overly stuffy from stopping you to try other delicious items in Smorgasburg.



In case you didn’t know like I did after enjoying my ice cream in Taiyaki is that Taiyaki in Japanese means “baked sea bream” aka fish shaped cake. What better delicious combination than the most Instagrammable cone with the trendiest Instagrammable ice cream: Charcoal Ice Cream. Despite its dark color and initial thoughts of what you’d associate the word charcoal with, it tastes quite vanilla-y. But one thing though from my Taiyaki experience I felt that I needed to address is that the cone was hard as a rock but nevertheless, I would still give them a second chance.

Don’t let the word Brooklyn phase you from traveling across Manhattan Island. You don’t know what you’re missing or think you’re not missing out on until you actually experience it yourself,

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