Montreal ‘17 Restaurant Roundup

Another summer vacation has come and gone, but there’s always the amazing feeling of reliving every spectacular restaurant in Montreal through writing a Montreal Restaurant Roundup of 2017. Here are a few of the restaurants around the Downtown/Old Montreal that you should give it a moment in Montreal:

French Cuisine:

  • Restaurant Europea There’s nothing like truly indulging in authentic French cuisine from a French restaurant that comes straight from France to Montreal soil. Europea shares a mix of not only French cuisine but also adds a mix of Spanish, Italian, and Catalan cuisine. But to experience what Europea has to offer, you’re better off trying their Tasting Menu. A full 11-course meal along with stellar food presentations that will leave you wanting more.
  • Verses Restaurant – Through the streets of Old Montreal, Verses Restaurant will amaze you by their contemporary French menu. Compared to other restaurants, Verses dinner menu falls quite short menu items wise, but every dish is made to amaze. If you’re a pan-seared foie gras fan, I would recommend their Foie Gras Poutine and for dessert lovers out there, there’s nothing on that dessert menu you can say no or you’re too full for.

Chinese Cuisine: 

  • Nouilles De Lan Zhou – If you’re looking for a full-experience, but you’re on a budget, Nouilles Dan Lan Zhou is the place for you. If you are riding solo when you’re there, you may get the opportunity to sit right at the bar table and experience watching your bowl of noodles made from scratch. And if you’ve got a big appetite, don’t worry, there’s a lot of noodles and other ingredients to craft your bowl that will make you think twice about asking for seconds.
  • Restaurant Ruby Rouge – In case you don’t know the writer who’s behind writing this article aka moi, my family background is Cantonese/Hong Konger so it’s hard to go anywhere on vacation without finding that taste of home away from home aka dim sum. Restaurant Ruby Rouge is a great restaurant place to enjoy a rustic home feel with dim sum along with the full experience. They serve dim sum with their traditional pushcarts of food and tons of people that pour in from time to time. Here’s a pointer: make sure you’re sitting close to the dim sum cart entry to the dining floor because there’s a specific route the carts take and if you’re last on the track, you just might be eating from the bottom of the barrel.

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