The Good Sort

It’s the good sort of cafe that’s quaint and cute tucked in Chinatown, NYC. If you haven’t seen Instagram images of their rainbow drink or from the Betches aka my favorite online publication, The Good Sort is truly so tucked in Chinatown, NYC that you wouldn’t even notice this cafe without having walked past Nom Wah Tea Parlor from Pell Street to see that its cafe decor stands out against the vintage buildings surrounding it.

What led them to be my next adventure was because it was the closest place I usually hang around that I have yet to try and especially on July 4th Weekend, which FYI to anyone who wants to try any trendy foodie/Instagrammable place, always ALWAYS adventure when it’s any national holiday because anyone who’s in town is always out of town.

So without further ado, I decided to be basic yet in the most sensible way by trying their well-known rainbow drink:


Honestly, as tasty as this drink was to my taste buds, I honestly can’t really describe its distinct signature taste other than the fact that it’s very refreshing to drink in the summertime. But if you’re not on the bandwagon of rainbow drinkers but love Instagrammable drinks, they also have Charcoal Latte and the Betches Hangover Cure Drink. The barista was really friendly and the cafe definitely presents a cool and quaint NYC cafe vibe. If you’re ever in need of a quick little getaway from the city without leaving the city, The Good Sort is the place for you.

📍 5 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013

🌟: ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️1/2


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