Justin Tea Inc. – 196 Degrees Ice Cream

They say time is money, so don’t waste it. So when it came to this week’s review, I decided it’d be best to have it written: short and sweet. This week, I decided to continue adventuring around Downtown New York City in the heart of Chinatown to Justin Tea Inc. – 196 Degrees Ice Cream.

Justin Tea Inc. – 196 Degrees Ice Cream is known for their fresh mango fruit cream drink, while also serving various flavors of ice cream, Hong Kong style egg waffles, juice in a bulb, milk tea and etc. Since it was my first time with my parents, my parents decided to give their signature drink a try while I got a Hong Kong styled waffle:


Mango Fruit Cream Drink


Matcha Hong Kong Styled Egg Waffle

Matcha flavored waffle with caramel ice cream and marshmallow and Pocky.

If I were to use one word to describe this place it would be: unamused, and here are three reasons why. One: Although my parents drank their specialty and not me, they thought their mango drink tasted more artificial than artisan which makes it a complete total blow and I can second their opinion because when I had my caramel ice cream, it was far from tasty nor tasteful. Two: If my egg waffles are supposed to be matcha waffles, why is it brown like a chocolate waffle? Three: Isn’t it slightly misleading to name your business 196 degrees and not serve fresh rolled ice cream while ice cream joints around Chinatown are named a number with a degree serving rolled ice cream? As much as I can sit here and list all the faults, I will say some of the staff at the place are very nice but sometimes nice can only get you so far for a business to succeed. Well wishes to you Justin Tea Inc.

📍 69 Mulberry Street, New York, New York

🌟: ⭐️

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