Westchester Burgers

Don’t let the restaurant name fool you, this week I’m still restaurant reviewing in the state of Connecticut but in the city of Stamford. I’m never really a fan of eating burgers on the street because how messy it can get but when I pass by this burger joint every week, it’s hard not to want to pose some sort of judgment about the place without having been there.

Since this is a burger joint, it would only make sense to try one of their burgers for lunch:


Lamb Burger 8oz.

With Fries

This time around eating this burger was far less messy but Westchester Burger is just like all the other burger joints: they all serve tasteless burger meats. As much as the FDA has stated that processed meat isn’t good for you, my personal take on the matter is if I’m going to eat something that’s “damaging” to my health, at least let me be able to indulge and actually taste what’s bad than eat something that damages the health and is tasteless. Although Westchester Burger also serves other items like Mac N’ Cheese, Wings, Spring Rolls and etc. I think I just may take a hard pass on this place just because I have other restaurants reserved in my mind for those dishes. #sorrynotsorry

📍 1980 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

🌟: ⭐️ ½

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