India Avenue

This week, I remained in Connecticut but in the town of Greenwich to try a new joint: India Avenue. You can guess just by the name of this restaurant that it’s Indian cuisine. As much as people may associate Indian food as spicy, people need to expand their horizons and understand that there’s more than what people think the surface is and spices don’t necessarily equivalate to spicy.

Before I bare all my thoughts, here are just some of the dishes I tried:


Jhinga Dum Nisha GF

Shrimp Marinated In Hung Yogurt Cooked In Clay Oven Served With Saffron Flavored Chutney


Goat Curry

Home Style Goat Curry

And as intrigued I was with their menu filled with curry it was hard to not try a dish from their Indo-Chinese menu section:


Hakka Noodle Chicken

Egg Noodles, Carrot, Cabbage and Bell Peppers

Back to what I said before about not associating spices with spicy is because ultimately you need to add some spices that are not in fact always spicy, just to bring out some flavor within that dish. Especially in this case at India Avenue, even if they state there is curry in that dish, they are able to make sure it tastes milder. So don’t let the word “curry” or “spices” scare you away. But if you’re trying to slowly ease your way into Indian food, maybe try their Indo-Chinese dishes first before diving head first. I would definitely give India Avenue a shot if you love Indian Cuisine or if you’re a first-timer. You won’t regret it.

📍249 Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

🌟: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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