Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar

After having an intense week (weather wise) in the Northeast, it has got me wanting for summer to be here already and especially after stumbling through my photos, I already wish summer was here so rooftop bars are a thing again especially like Loopy Doopy.

You may know Loopy Doopy from the insane amount of Instagram posts it gets tagged and how it’s very instagrammable, but you would be surprised how small the actual rooftop itself is and the insane wait time that comes with it.

My friends and I decided to give it a shot because hey, it was summer and why not be a hipster for a day? Our wait time was literally about 2 hours but it may have been only that long because it was about 6 o’clock on a Friday but nevertheless it was still a long wait.


Once we got up there, we were so surprised how small the venue was and that it was just like every other bar with having to find a place to sit despite having to wait two hours. The drinks were reasonable but overall, the experience seemed just a nice Instagrammable place to be at as opposed to a place I would go there for drinks because at the end of the day, there are only so many popsicle wine drinks one can have on a twenty something year old fresh out of college budget one can handle. I’m definitely not saying it’s not worth visiting, but it’s a cute treat yourself location.

📍Conrad New York, 102 North End Ave, New York, NY 10282

💭 ⭐️-⭐️-⭐️

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