Tim Ho Wan USA

The long-anticipated​ review has finally come: Tim Ho Wan USA. There’s just so much and yet so little to write about the whole experience to not come off to repetitive or too shady.

I finally made my way to Tim Ho Wan USA about two weeks ago around 1:30 pm on a weekday and fortunately, there was no line. I mean there was “a line” aka people sitting and waiting but not a line that leads all the way out the door.

After a five minute wait, I was able to score a table and finally get my hands on Tim Ho Wan’s dim sum:


Although these are just a few of the items we ordered, I think there’s no need to dwell on each and every dish but jump right into the overall experience. Some of the staff members were nice yet some seemed that they were too soaked into the idea that they were working on the “talk of the town” dim sum joint. As service is sometimes a hit or miss, unfortunately, the food was a hard miss. If you have ever been to their OG location in Sham Shui Po or any other locations in Hong Kong, you will know that their Tim Ho Wan USA dim sum is not up to par to those locations. It may be because we live in a different region of the world so their source of ingredients may vary, but once you’ve tasted their best, it’s hard to settle for something less like this. I won’t lie, I can see myself going back again, only if a friend asked me to go with them or if I was missing Hong Kong.

📍85 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

💭 ⭐️

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