Juicy Spot Cafe

As Thai-inspired rolled ice cream parlors began to roll their way across New York City, unlike 10Below’s fame, Juicy Spot Cafe is the biggest underdog that lives only blocks away from 10Below’s first location. Did you know that Juicy Spot Cafe introduced their American version of Thai-inspired rolled ice cream before 10Below? My bad for stating 10Below as the OG, which reinforces the fact how much of an underdog Juicy Spot Cafe is. As everyone knows 10Below from a Cosmo article, Juicy Spot Cafe is actually the real OG’s and just like 10Below, they are both: creative and tasty.

If you haven’t been to 10Below, Juicy Spot Cafe or any other Thai-inspired rolled ice cream parlor, it’s an experience that’s like no other. Unlike old fashion ice cream parlors who serve only scooped ice cream from a tub, Thai-inspired rolled ice cream parlors serve you fresh ice cream from scratch.

Juicy Spot Cafe has a variety of pun-filled menu items, but what caught my attention was their version of Ferrero Rocher made from rolled ice cream:


Ferre-Roll Rocher

Original base with nutella, topped with crushed wafers, chopped hazelnuts, and nutella drizzle

If I were to rate this item alone, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 just because as much as it was delicious, it only had a scent of Nutella as opposed to what I’d imagine, a stronger taste since it was the ice cream base. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a lot better than scooped from the tub ice cream. The overall process of having ice cream made from scratch only takes about 5 minutes. Though whenever business is flourishing, it’s a much longer wait than old fashion ice cream parlors because of the amount of time that’s used to make every individual order. If I were to pick between the two ice cream joints, I’d have to do a coin toss-up because to me, I think they both have their own signature taste despite rolling in the same business.

📍 33 Pell Street, New York, NY 10002

💭 ⭐️-⭐️-⭐️-⭐️

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