Champ Kitchen & Bar in Tower 535

It’s the holiday season and a time we spend traveling to see family or traveling with family. Since I maxed out with traveling this year, I have found myself reminiscent of my summer adventures in Hong Kong and decided to focus this week’s Restaurants N’ Reviews article from my summer adventures in Hong Kong at Champ Kitchen & Bar in Tower 535.


Champ Kitchen & Bar recently opened this year in Tower 535 in Causeway Bay. It has the most spectacular harbor view and exhilarating view of ongoing traffic right below your meal.

As much as I was born an American, my tooth is purely Cantonese. But after growing up in the States for over two decades, it craves pizza and charcuterie from time to time especially abroad. So as a compromise, my family and I decided to adventure to Champ Kitchen to enjoy a good view and hopefully some good food.

Here are a few things we ordered:


Left – Spanish Deli Platter

Ham, Chorizo, Soft Cheese, Olives & Bread

Right – Lobster Topped with Caviar

Sliced lobster with Storia caviar and greens


Char Siu

Barbecue pork


Ice Cold Abalone


Champ Platter

Clockwise: Bolognese baguette tetilla cheese croissant, Abalone mini burger, Red Onion, Potato and Chicken Peas salad, and BBQ sauce roasted lamb shank.

As much as the view was phenomenal, I would be lying if I said the food leveled with the spectacular view. First off, the char siu (barbecue pork) was too fatty to completely enjoy the entirety and beauty of what this dish could have been. Secondly, overall the dishes didn’t present any “wow factor” other than having western food presented on a beautiful rooftop. And thirdly, maybe it was the timing when we decided to dine, there were neighboring tables that had patrons that were friends with staff members chatting, which I totally understand but cursing as you talk on the job …  two words: totally unprofesh.

One Liner – Nothing but a good view, literally.

📍 25/F, Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay

🌟: ⭐️

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