Kitto Ramen (Closed)

Sometimes restaurants that present themselves as the “can do it alls” – can’t really do it all. Unfortunately Kitto is one of them. Kitto located in the heart of Midtown East serves not only ramen (the impression I received from social posts) but also sandwiches, buns and rice bowls.

Since I was craving ramen that day, I decided to order a lunch set meal of what I think was kimchi or the restaurant signature kitto ramen and gyoza:


No shade to their game but I was unimpressed. Never in my life have I ever been served soggy ramen. Along with the soggy ramen, I was served overly fried hardened gyoza. I do agree restaurants do have off days but this was way too far off that even for someone like me who can’t cook wouldn’t end up with a result like this. As much as I would like to add on and make this a juicy lengthy piece, there’s nothing left to say other than the staff was nice but unfortunately ramen can’t talk and soothe me to finishing their bowl of ramen.

📍  16 E 48th St, New York, NY 10017

🌟: ⭐️ #sorrynotsorry

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