Ichiran HK

Hong Kongers aka Hong Kong natives love everything and anything Japanese. So when Ichiran landed in Hong Kong soil back in 2014, it has expanded in their restaurant size in Causeway Bay and has another branch in Tsim Tsa Tsui. So before I begin diving into the overall experience at Ichiran, here’s a brief filler sesh on what Ichiran is known for and how the whole dining experience works.

Ichiran believes it only takes one good bowl of ramen to be successful so they currently only serve one bowl of ramen: The Tonkotsu Ramen. So before you get your hopes up thinking about the variety of ramen you can try during your hour long weight on weekends, you’ve only got one style/bowl of ramen to choose from.

Although Ichiran believes it only takes one good bowl of ramen to be successful, they have created a menu that allows you to customize your bowl of Tonkotsu to your own liking (see image below).


Ichiran’s Menu

Other than customizing your bowl of ramen they also have some add-ons such as kaedama, salted egg, extra pork slides, etc.


What Your Bowl of Ramen Will Look Like

Egg is not included in the price of the ramen, you’ll have to order separately. Other than that your bowl of ramen will look something like this.


The Inside of Ichiran

The downside with this decor and set up is that it’s awkward when you’re eating with a group friends because you’ll be unable to talk to one another.

My overall rating for Ichiran is an 8. Their broth is delicious and the ability to have a say in how you want your ramen noodles boiled to your liking is perfection. Although you barely get any service throughout your dining experience other than a staff member taking your order sheet and dropping off your delicious bowl of ramen, you still need to pay a 10% service charge. As this place is packed during lunch and dinner peak hours, fortunately this ramen place is open 24 hours so if you’re unable to eat during lunch and dinner, you can go to Ichiran for a late night bite.

One Liner – It’s worth the price compared to the Brooklyn Joint

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