Tim Ho Wan HK

You may have heard of Tim Ho Wan if you have been keeping up with Anthony Bourdain and his dream picks for his Chelsea Piers Market Wishlist or have traveled to Asia + Australia, where they have a few restaurants scattered across these continents. Either way, if you haven’t heard about this restaurant then, you will now.

Tim Ho Wan is known for their impeccable dim sum recognized by Michelin at affordable prices. And if you’re not a fan of Michelin’s taste buds, the founder of Tim Ho Wan is a former dim sum chef from Four Seasons Hong Kong, so you’re getting the best of the best without breaking the bank.

Despite dim sum is traditionally served during lunch, Tim Ho Wan serves their dim sum menu from dawn to dusk. And I don’t want to come off like I’m trying to oversell their dim sum, but honestly their dim sum is prime. As any traditional restaurant that serves dim sum carry the usual menu items such as shrimp dumpling and shumai, but they also a few other delectables their known for that you should let your taste buds take a dip in:


Pork Liver Cheung Fun


Seasonal Special: Shredded Coconut Pumpkin Balls with Red Bean Paste


And of course their well-known Char Siu Sugar Paste Bun

Alongside the various dishes they serve, their service is average which surprising bumped my expectations due to their affordable prices and crowded seating arrangement. Sometimes a bang for your buck may not guarantee good service but they definitely presented average expected service for any restaurant in the service industry. If you can make your way to this restaurant, I would definitely do so right before the lunch peak hour which is around 11:15-11:30. And even if it’s not in your itinerary, I would make time because it will be worth it.


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